Cat Deeley steps in as the new This Morning host following Holly Willoughby’s departure


Cat Deeley Cat Deeley steps in as the new This Morning host following Holly Willoughby



Cat Deeley Steps In as the New This Morning Host Following Holly Willoughby’s Departure

There has been a recent shakeup in the world of morning television, as beloved host Holly Willoughby bids farewell to her role on This Morning. This departure left viewers wondering who would fill her shoes and bring the same charm and wit to the show. Well, fear not, because the fabulous Cat Deeley has swooped in to take over the reins. Known for her infectious energy and bubbly personality, Deeley is sure to bring a fresh and exciting vibe to the show. Let’s take a closer look at the talented Cat Deeley and what we can expect from her role as the new This Morning host.


Cat Deeley: A Multi-talented Superstar

Cat Deeley, born Catherine Elizabeth Deeley, is a British television presenter, actress, and model. Born on October 23, 1976, in Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham, England, she has been captivating audiences for years with her charm and charisma. Deeley began her career as a fashion model before transitioning into television presenting, landing her first major job as a co-host on the popular children’s show “SM:TV Live.” Since then, she has worked on several successful shows, including “So You Think You Can Dance” and “Stars in Their Eyes.” With her natural talent and magnetic personality, Cat Deeley is the perfect choice to step into Holly Willoughby’s shoes on This Morning.


FAQs About Cat Deeley’s New Role on This Morning

FAQ 1: Why was Cat Deeley chosen as the new host of This Morning?

Cat Deeley was chosen as the new host of This Morning due to her extensive experience in the television industry and her ability to connect with viewers. With her infectious energy and quick wit, she is well-equipped to fill the void left by Holly Willoughby and bring her own unique flair to the show.

FAQ 2: Will Cat Deeley’s hosting style be different from Holly Willoughby’s?

While Cat Deeley and Holly Willoughby have their own individual styles, both hosts bring a warm and relatable presence to the screen. Cat’s energy and enthusiasm are sure to shine through, creating an exciting and engaging atmosphere for viewers. However, it is important to note that each host brings their own personality and touch to the show, ensuring that This Morning remains a dynamic and entertaining program.

FAQ 3: When will Cat Deeley’s first episode as the new host air?

The exact date of Cat Deeley’s first episode as the new host of This Morning has yet to be announced. However, fans can rest assured that they won’t have to wait long to see her in action. Keep an eye out for updates from This Morning’s official channels for the latest information on Cat’s debut episode.



The announcement of Cat Deeley as the new host of This Morning following Holly Willoughby’s departure has sent ripples of excitement through the world of morning television. With her infectious energy, charm, and experience, Cat is sure to bring a fresh and dynamic vibe to the show. Fans can eagerly anticipate her first episode and look forward to the engaging and entertaining content she will undoubtedly deliver. So, grab your cup of coffee and get ready to start your mornings with Cat Deeley on This Morning!

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