Chris Packham’s Earth Review: A Confident Step Forward in Continuity with Attenborough’s Legacy

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Chris Packham’s Earth Review: A Confident Step Forward in Continuity with Attenborough’s Legacy


When it comes to nature documentaries, one name that stands out is Sir David Attenborough. His soothing voice and incredible storytelling abilities have captivated audiences for decades. Recently, there has been a shift in the genre with the emergence of Chris Packham and his groundbreaking series, “Earth Review.” In this article, we will discuss how Packham’s work is a confident step forward in continuity with Attenborough’s legacy.

The Evolution of Nature Documentaries

Before delving into Packham’s work, it is important to understand the evolution of nature documentaries. Attenborough, with his iconic series like “Planet Earth” and “Blue Planet,” set the bar high for filmmakers entering the genre. His ability to bring viewers closer to the wonders of the natural world and raise awareness about environmental issues is unparalleled.

Attenborough’s documentaries were not only informative but also highly entertaining. They seamlessly blended storytelling, stunning visuals, and scientific knowledge, captivating audiences of all ages. His legacy left a void that needed filling, and that is where Packham stepped in.

Chris Packham: A Passionate Advocate

Chris Packham, a renowned naturalist, photographer, and TV presenter, has long been involved in conservation efforts and spreading awareness about the importance of protecting our planet. His series, “Earth Review,” follows the same approach as Attenborough’s documentaries but with a unique twist.

A Unique Approach

Packham’s “Earth Review” takes on a more critical tone compared to Attenborough’s work. It seeks to analyze human impact on the natural world, addressing environmental challenges head-on. This fresh perspective allows viewers to gain a deeper understanding of the issues at hand and the urgency to take action.

Scientific Rigor

One notable aspect of Packham’s documentaries is his commitment to scientific rigor. He works closely with experts from various fields, ensuring that the information presented is accurate and up-to-date. This level of attention to detail further enhances the credibility of Packham’s work, making it a valuable resource for both enthusiasts and professionals in the field.

Stunning Visuals and Emotional Connection

Similar to Attenborough, Packham understands the importance of captivating visuals and emotional storytelling. His documentaries showcase the breathtaking beauty of the Earth, underscoring the need to preserve and protect it. By tugging at the viewer’s heartstrings, Packham creates a profound emotional connection that inspires action.

Continuity with Attenborough’s Legacy

While Packham brings his unique style and approach to the table, his work maintains a sense of continuity with Attenborough’s legacy. Both filmmakers share a common goal of educating and inspiring people to appreciate and protect the Earth.

Building on Attenborough’s Foundation

Packham recognizes the immense influence Attenborough’s documentaries had on shaping public perception and understanding of the natural world. Rather than trying to overshadow or replicate Attenborough’s work, Packham builds on this foundation and takes it a step further.

A Fresh Perspective

One of the key differences between Packham and Attenborough is their approach to addressing environmental issues. Packham’s critical viewpoint serves as a natural progression from Attenborough’s more passive approach. By highlighting the challenges and the role humans play in them, Packham stirs a sense of responsibility and encourages active involvement.


Chris Packham’s “Earth Review” series is a confident step forward in continuity with Attenborough’s legacy. Through his unique approach, scientific rigor, and emotional storytelling, Packham captures the hearts and minds of audiences, inspiring them to take action and protect the Earth. His work not only complements but also builds upon the foundation laid by Attenborough, ensuring that the torch of environmental advocacy continues to burn brightly.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does Chris Packham’s “Earth Review” differ from Attenborough’s documentaries?

While both filmmakers share a passion for the natural world, Packham takes a more critical approach in addressing environmental issues. His series analyzes human impact and emphasizes the need for action, creating a fresh perspective compared to Attenborough’s more passive approach.

2. Is Chris Packham’s “Earth Review” suitable for all ages?

Yes, Packham’s documentaries are suitable for all ages. They combine captivating visuals, scientific rigor, and emotional storytelling to engage and educate viewers of different backgrounds and ages.

3. How can viewers get involved in conservation efforts after watching “Earth Review”?

Packham often provides resources and suggestions for viewers who want to get involved in conservation efforts. From supporting environmental organizations to making small lifestyle changes, there are many ways individuals can contribute to protecting the Earth.


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