Hangover Helpers: 12 European Remedies for the Morning After


Hangover Helpers: 12 European Remedies for the Morning After


Hangover Helpers: 12 European Remedies for the Morning After


We’ve all been there, waking up after a night of revelry with a pounding headache, a queasy stomach, and regret that could rival the worst nightmares. Hangovers are an unfortunate side effect of enjoying a night out, but fear not, for the Europeans have a few tricks up their sleeves to help alleviate the morning-after misery. From cheesy delights to boozy concoctions, let’s explore the 12 European remedies that can be your hangover helpers.

1. Dutch Courage: Goudse Kaas (Dutch Cheese)

One of the Netherlands’ most beloved exports, Goudse Kaas, or Dutch cheese, is not only delicious but also a secret weapon against hangovers. This creamy and tangy cheese is packed with essential nutrients like calcium and B vitamins, which help replenish the body after a night of drinking. Pair it with some bread or crackers to complete the hangover-recovery experience.

2. Russian Revival: Pickled Foods

Russians have long relied on pickled foods to combat the aftermath of a night of heavy drinking. Pickled cucumbers, sauerkraut, and tomatoes are common staples in Russian households and are known for their ability to replenish electrolytes and ease queasy stomachs. Try your hand at making traditional Russian pickled vegetables for a tangy and refreshing hangover remedy.

3. German Goodness: Sauerkraut Soup

Germans are no strangers to the power of fermented foods when it comes to hangover relief, and sauerkraut is at the top of the list. The sour and crunchy cabbage is not only a tasty addition to dishes but also aids digestion and helps restore the balance in your gut. Indulge in a comforting bowl of sauerkraut soup to soothe your stomach and refuel your body.

4. Spanish Siesta: Churros with Chocolate

In Spain, the morning-after cure comes in the form of the delectable churros. These deep-fried pastry dough delights are not only a treat for the taste buds but also help alleviate hangover symptoms. Pair them with a thick cup of hot chocolate, known as “chocolate a la taza,” and indulge in a comforting Spanish siesta to recover from the night’s indulgences.

5. Italian Elixir: Espresso

Italians have mastered the art of coffee, and no hangover remedy list would be complete without the mention of a strong Italian espresso. Caffeine is known to combat fatigue and increase alertness, making it the perfect choice for those groggy morning-afters. Invest in a good espresso machine, follow the Italian brewing techniques, and savor a deep and rich cup of espresso to kickstart your day.

6. French Fancy: Pain au Chocolat

Leave it to the French to turn a breakfast pastry into a hangover cure. The beloved pain au chocolat, or chocolate croissant, is not only a decadent treat but also provides a burst of energy with its combination of buttery pastry and rich chocolate. Pair it with a strong cup of coffee for a delightful French brunch that will have you feeling better in no time.

7. Scandinavian Savior: Gravlax

The Scandinavians have found their hangover savior in the form of gravlax, a traditional cured salmon dish. This delicacy is packed with omega-3 fatty acids, which have anti-inflammatory properties and can help reduce the severity of hangover symptoms. Enjoy some gravlax on toasted bread or crackers for a refreshing and nutritious start to your day.

8. Irish Inspiration: Full Irish Breakfast

If there’s one thing the Irish know how to do well, it’s a hearty breakfast. The full Irish breakfast is a feast that includes components like bacon, sausages, eggs, beans, and black pudding. This hearty meal is designed to replenish the nutrients lost during a night of drinking and provide the energy needed to face the day. Treat yourself to a traditional full Irish breakfast and say goodbye to your hangover woes.

9. British Brunch: Bloody Mary

The British have a special recipe to help cure hangovers, and it comes in the form of the classic cocktail, Bloody Mary. Made with vodka, tomato juice, Worcestershire sauce, and a myriad of other ingredients, this spicy drink is believed to help alleviate hangover symptoms. Experiment with different flavors and create your own mouthwatering version of this British brunch staple.

10. Polish Panacea: Soured Milk

In Poland, soured milk is considered a go-to remedy for hangover relief. This fermented milk drink is rich in probiotics, which aid in digestion and help restore the balance of gut bacteria. Incorporate soured milk into your breakfast routine by enjoying it plain or mixing it with a bit of honey for a tangy and refreshing start to the day.

11. Greek Grace: Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt has gained popularity worldwide due to its numerous health benefits, and it also makes for an excellent hangover remedy. This creamy yogurt is packed with protein, calcium, and live cultures that aid in digestion and hydration. Enjoy a bowl of Greek yogurt with a drizzle of honey and a handful of fresh fruits to alleviate your hangover symptoms.

12. Hungarian Healing: Pálinka

Hungarians swear by pálinka, a traditional fruit brandy, as a cure for hangovers. While the scientific evidence may be limited, the locals believe that a shot of this potent spirit can help alleviate the morning-after misery. Remember to enjoy pálinka in moderation and be cautious of its high alcohol content.


No one enjoys the consequences of a night of overindulgence, but with the help of these European hangover remedies, the morning after can become a little more bearable. From Dutch cheese to Hungarian brandy, each country has its own unique approaches to combating hangovers. So, the next time you find yourself nursing a hangover, why not give one of these remedies a try? Remember to drink responsibly and take care of your body.


Q: Can I use Alka-Seltzer for a hangover?

A: Yes, Alka-Seltzer can help alleviate some hangover symptoms like headaches and upset stomach. Dissolve two tablets in water and drink it to provide fast and effective relief.

Q: What other remedies can I try to cure a hangover?

A: There are various remedies you can try to cure a hangover, such as drinking plenty of water, consuming electrolyte-rich beverages, eating a balanced meal, getting some exercise, and getting enough rest.

Q: Do European hangover remedies actually work?

A: While the effectiveness of hangover remedies can vary from person to person, many European hangover remedies have been passed down through generations and are still widely used. They may provide some relief and aid in recovery, but it’s essential to listen to your body and take care of yourself after a night of drinking.


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