Matteo Garrone’s Immigration Drama ‘Io Capitano’ Finds International Success as Pathé Secures Multiple Deals (EXCLUSIVE)


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Immigration Drama ‘Io Capitano’ Making Waves in International Market

The immigration drama genre has been gaining traction in recent years as filmmakers shed light on the pressing issues faced by migrants around the world. Matteo Garrone’s latest film, ‘Io Capitano’ has become the latest addition to this growing genre and is already making waves in the international market. Pathé, a leading film distributor, has secured multiple deals for the film, showcasing its global appeal.

A Timely and Relevant Story

Matteo Garrone, known for his critically acclaimed films such as ‘Gomorrah’ and ‘Dogman’, tackles the sensitive issue of immigration in ‘Io Capitano’. The film follows the journey of a group of refugees who are stranded on a small island and the local police officer tasked with overseeing their welfare. Through this compelling narrative, Garrone sheds light on the challenges faced by both the migrants and the individuals responsible for their care.

Securing International Deals

Pathé, a major player in the film distribution industry, has recognized the potential of ‘Io Capitano’ and has successfully negotiated multiple deals for the film. The distribution company has secured deals in several key territories, ensuring that the film will reach a wide audience. This international success is a testament to the film’s universal themes and its ability to resonate with audiences worldwide.

A Global Issue

The immigration drama genre has gained popularity in recent years due to its ability to shed light on the global issue of migration. With the rising number of displaced individuals around the world, films like ‘Io Capitano’ provide a platform for discussion and understanding. By humanizing the experiences of migrants, these films challenge stereotypes and foster empathy among viewers. ‘Io Capitano’ takes a nuanced approach to the subject matter, presenting a complex portrayal of the challenges faced by both migrants and those tasked with assisting them.


Matteo Garrone’s immigration drama ‘Io Capitano’ has found international success as Pathé secures multiple deals for the film. The timely and relevant story, combined with the universal themes explored in the film, has garnered the attention of audiences and distributors alike. With its ability to humanize the experiences of migrants, ‘Io Capitano’ adds to the growing body of work within the immigration drama genre. This recognition in the international market highlights the importance of these films in fostering empathy and understanding.


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