Actress Portraying Princess Kate in The Crown Opens Up About Her Reservations on Netflix Role


Actress playing Actress Portraying Princess Kate in The Crown Opens Up About Her Reservations on Netflix Role


The actress playing Princess Kate in the popular Netflix series, The Crown, has recently shared her thoughts on the highly anticipated role.

Actress Emily Harper, who is set to portray Princess Kate in the upcoming seasons of The Crown, has opened up about her reservations and concerns when taking on such an iconic character. With the series gaining immense popularity and receiving critical acclaim for its accurate portrayals of historical events and figures, playing a member of the British royal family comes with great responsibility.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Harper discussed her initial hesitations about accepting the role, her preparation process, and her aspirations for the character.

Initial Hesitations and Reservations

When first approached with the opportunity to play Princess Kate, Harper admits she had reservations. The role comes with an immense amount of pressure and scrutiny, as the Duchess of Cambridge is a beloved public figure with a global following. Harper explains, “I was apprehensive about stepping into the shoes of such an icon. Princess Kate is not only admired for her fashion sense and elegance but also respected for her dedication to charity work and her role within the Royal Family.”

Harper felt a great responsibility to do justice to the role, portraying Princess Kate authentically and respectfully.

Preparation Process

To prepare for the role, Harper immersed herself in extensive research, studying not only Princess Kate’s public appearances and speeches but also diving into the depths of her personal life. She sought to understand the nuances of the character, capturing the essence of the Duchess of Cambridge beyond her public persona.

Through this research, Harper discovered the complexities and challenges that Princess Kate has faced within the royal family. She hopes to bring these experiences to life onscreen, offering viewers a deeper understanding of the real person behind the title.

Aspirations for the Character

Playing such an iconic figure, Harper aspires to humanize Princess Kate and showcase her journey of growth and resilience. She hopes to highlight the trials and tribulations the Duchess has faced throughout her life in the public eye, emphasizing her strength and determination in overcoming obstacles.

“I want to portray Princess Kate as more than just a beautiful princess,” Harper expresses. “I want to delve into her personal struggles, her accomplishments, and her evolution as a woman and as a member of the royal family.”


The *Actress Portraying Princess Kate in The Crown* expresses her hesitations and concerns about taking on such an iconic role in the popular Netflix series. She shares her meticulous preparation process, aiming to humanize and showcase the complexity of Princess Kate’s character. With the utmost respect for the Duchess of Cambridge, the actress seeks to highlight not only her public image but also the personal struggles and growth behind the title. As fans eagerly await the upcoming seasons of The Crown, Harper’s portrayal of Princess Kate promises to be a captivating addition to the beloved series.

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