The Power of Sandslash’s Charged Attack Night Slash in Pokemon GO PvP


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The Power of Sandslash’s Charged Attack Night Slash in Pokemon GO PvP

Pokemon GO is a game that has taken the world by storm since its release in 2016. With millions of players worldwide, the game offers a unique and interactive experience for Pokemon fans of all ages. One of the key aspects of the game is PvP battles, where players can face off against each other using their best Pokemon teams. In this article, we will explore the power of Sandslash’s charged attack Night Slash in Pokemon GO PvP battles.


1. Introduction

Pokemon GO’s PvP battles are fierce and competitive, requiring players to choose their Pokemon and movesets wisely. Each Pokemon has a unique set of moves, and one powerful attack can make all the difference in a battle. Sandslash, a Ground and Steel-type Pokemon, has an impressive charged attack called Night Slash that can turn the tide in its favor.


2. What is Sandslash?

Sandslash is a second-stage evolution of Sandshrew and is known for its defensive capabilities. As a Ground and Steel-type Pokemon, Sandslash has a few key strengths and weaknesses. It is strong against Electric, Poison, Rock, and Steel-types but vulnerable to Water, Grass, and Ice-types. Its high Defense stat and movepool make it a formidable contender in Pokemon GO battles.


3. Understanding Charged Attacks in Pokemon GO

In Pokemon GO, each Pokemon has two types of attacks: Fast Attacks and Charged Attacks. Fast Attacks are quick moves that deal minimal damage, while Charged Attacks are more powerful and can cause significant damage to the opponent. Charged Attacks require energy, which is generated by using Fast Attacks. It’s essential to choose Pokemon with strong Charged Attacks to maximize damage output in battles.


4. Night Slash: A Powerful Charged Attack

Night Slash is Sandslash’s Charged Attack in Pokemon GO. It is a Dark-type move that hits the opponent for significant damage. The power of Night Slash lies in its high damage per second (DPS) and damage per energy (DPE) calculations.

4.1 The Mechanics of Night Slash

Night Slash has a base power of 50, which means it can deal 50 damage to the opponent Pokemon. It also has a 12% chance of increasing Sandslash’s Attack stat by two stages, further boosting its damage potential. This additional attack boost can turn Sandslash into a fearsome attacker, overpowering its opponents with ease.

4.2 DPS and DPE

DPS and DPE are crucial metrics when evaluating the power of a Charged Attack. DPS, or Damage Per Second, measures the amount of damage a move can deal over time. DPE, or Damage Per Energy, calculates the damage output per unit of energy spent.

Night Slash has a DPS of 33.33, making it one of the highest DPS Charged Attacks in Pokemon GO. Additionally, its DPE of 2.78 showcases its efficiency in dealing damage relative to the energy required. These numbers make Night Slash a formidable move that can quickly deplete a foe’s HP during battles.


5. The Perfect Sandslash

To fully utilize the power of Night Slash in Pokemon GO PvP battles, it is essential to have a Sandslash with optimal Individual Values (IVs) and a suitable moveset.

5.1 Ideal IVs for Sandslash

IVs determine a Pokemon’s base stats and can greatly impact its battle performance. For Sandslash, prioritizing high Attack and Defense IVs is crucial to maximize its effectiveness. A Sandslash with an IV combination of 15/15/15 is ideal for PvP battles, as it ensures maximum offensive and defensive potential.

5.2 Necessary Moveset

In addition to Night Slash, Sandslash should have complimenting Fast Attacks and another Charged Attack. Mud Shot is the recommended Fast Attack for Sandslash, as it charges energy quickly. Another Charged Attack like Earthquake or Rock Slide can provide additional coverage and increased versatility in battle.

5.3 Effective Battle Strategies

Utilizing Sandslash effectively in PvP battles requires careful strategy and timing. Sandslash should be brought into the battle against Pokemon weak to its Ground and Steel typing, maximizing its damage potential. Charging Night Slash and using it at the right time can catch opponents off guard and potentially secure a victory. Additionally, keeping an eye on Sandslash’s increased Attack stat from Night Slash boosts can allow for more strategic decision-making during battles.


6. Countering Sandslash in PvP

While Sandslash and its Night Slash move may be powerful, there are ways to counter its strength in PvP battles. Pokemon with Water, Grass, or Ice-type moves can deal significant damage to Sandslash. Additionally, Ground-types and Pokemon with strong and fast Charged Attacks can outpace Sandslash and defeat it before it can unleash Night Slash.


7. Notable Pokemon Weak to Night Slash

Night Slash’s Dark typing gives Sandslash an advantage against certain Pokemon. These include:

7.1 Alolan Muk

Alolan Muk is a Poison and Dark-type Pokemon weak to Sandslash’s Ground and Steel moves. Night Slash can deal heavy damage, making it an effective counter against Alolan Muk in PvP battles.

7.2 Alolan Ninetales

Alolan Ninetales is an Ice and Fairy-type Pokemon vulnerable to Sandslash’s Ground moves. Night Slash can exploit this weakness and quickly chip away at Alolan Ninetales’s HP.

7.3 Clefable

Clefable, a Fairy-type Pokemon, is weak to Sandslash’s Steel moves. Night Slash can deal significant damage and potentially knock out Clefable in PvP battles.


8. Conclusion

Sandslash’s charged attack Night Slash proves to be a formidable weapon in Pokemon GO PvP battles. Its high DPS, DPE, and the potential Attack boost make Sandslash a fearsome opponent to face. By using Sandslash effectively, taking advantage of its weaknesses, and countering its strengths, players can maximize their chances of victory in PvP battles.


9. FAQs

1. Q: Can Sandslash learn Night Slash in previous Pokemon games?

– A: Yes, Sandslash can learn Night Slash through TM in various Pokemon games.

2. Q: Are there any other Ground and Steel-type Pokemon with powerful charged attacks?

– A: Excadrill, a Ground and Steel-type Pokemon, has drill run and iron head as potent charged attacks.

3. Q: What are the other viable charged attacks for Sandslash in PvP?

– A: Earthquake and Rock Slide are popular alternatives to Night Slash for Sandslash in PvP battles.[3]

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