The Potential England Allegiance Switch: Scotland Eyes Newcastle Winger Anthony Gordon


. The Potential England Allegiance Switch: Scotland Eyes Newcastle Winger Anthony Gordon



The Potential England Allegiance Switch: Scotland Eyes Newcastle Winger Anthony Gordon


Newcastle United’s Anthony Gordon has been making waves on the football field with his exceptional skills and performances. Now, the possibility of a potential allegiance switch is on the horizon as Scotland eyes the talented winger. In this article, we will explore the background of Anthony Gordon, delve into the reasons behind Scotland’s interest, highlight his potential impact on the national team, and discuss the implications of this potential switch.

The Rise of Anthony Gordon

Anthony Gordon, a 20-year-old winger, has emerged as one of the brightest young talents in English football. Born and raised in Liverpool, England, Gordon began his footballing journey at the renowned Everton Academy. With his exceptional technical abilities, agility, and competitive spirit, he quickly caught the attention of scouts and coaches.

At the age of 16, Gordon signed his first professional contract with Everton, embarking on a journey that would see him rise through the ranks of the club’s youth system. He made his first-team debut in December 2017 in a Europa League match against Apollon Limassol, becoming the sixth-youngest player to represent the Toffees in a competitive fixture.

Impressive Performances at Newcastle United

In the summer of 2021, Gordon made a surprising move to Newcastle United, joining the Magpies in search of more playing time and opportunities to showcase his talent. Under the guidance of manager Steve Bruce, Gordon has quickly settled into the Premier League and made a positive impression with his performances.

Gordon’s pace, dribbling skills, and ability to create scoring opportunities have been the highlight of his game. He has shown a knack for running at defenders, beating them with ease, and delivering accurate crosses into the box. His potential has caught the eye of several clubs and national teams, including Scotland.

Scotland’s Interest in Gordon

Scotland, known for its fierce rivalry with England on the football field, is looking to bolster its squad for future international tournaments. The Scottish Football Association has been monitoring Gordon’s progress closely and is considering making an approach to secure his services.

Eligibility Criteria

While Gordon was born and raised in England, he may be eligible to represent Scotland at the international level through his maternal grandparents. FIFA allows players to switch national teams if they meet certain eligibility criteria, which include having a parent or grandparent from the desired country.

Gordon’s Scottish Heritage

Gordon’s maternal grandparents are of Scottish descent, giving him the opportunity to switch allegiances. This has caught the attention of the Scottish Football Association, which believes that his Scottish heritage, coupled with his exceptional talent, would make him a valuable addition to the national team.

Potential Impact on Scotland

If Gordon decides to switch his allegiance to Scotland, it could have a significant impact on the national team. His pace, dribbling, and creativity would add a new dimension to Scotland’s attacking play. He would bring a level of unpredictability and flair that can trouble even the toughest defenses.

Enhancing Scotland’s Wing Play

Scotland has historically struggled with their wing play, lacking players who can take on defenders and create scoring opportunities from wide areas. Gordon’s inclusion would address this deficiency and provide a much-needed spark to the team’s attacking prowess. His ability to beat defenders and deliver accurate crosses can result in more goals for Scotland.

Competition for Places

Gordon’s potential inclusion in the Scottish national team would also intensify the competition for places in the squad. His presence would push the existing wingers to elevate their game and strive for excellence. This healthy competition can only benefit the team as a whole and contribute to its overall improvement.

Implications of the Allegiance Switch

If Gordon decides to switch his allegiance to Scotland, it would undoubtedly ruffle some feathers on the English side. England has a rich footballing history and a deep pool of talented players. Losing a promising young talent like Gordon to a rival nation could be seen as a blow to their national team’s strength and depth.

Rivalry Intensified

The long-standing rivalry between England and Scotland would be further intensified by this potential allegiance switch. Matches between the two nations would carry even more weight and anticipation, with Gordon potentially facing his former teammates and representing a different country on the international stage.

Setting a Precedent

Gordon’s potential switch of allegiance could also set a precedent for other players with dual nationality to consider their options. It would encourage players to explore their heritage and make decisions that align with their personal identity and ambitions. This could lead to more players representing countries that have a meaningful connection to their family history.


The potential allegiance switch of Anthony Gordon from England to Scotland has generated significant interest and discussion in the footballing world. Gordon’s rise to prominence, coupled with his Scottish heritage, has put him in the spotlight as Scotland eyes the talented winger. The implications of this potential switch are far-reaching, highlighting the rivalries, competition for places, and individual decisions that shape the international football landscape.


1. Has Anthony Gordon represented England at any level?

Yes, Anthony Gordon has represented England at various youth levels, including the U18 and U19 teams.

2. How would Gordon switching allegiance affect his club career?

Gordon’s potential allegiance switch would not directly impact his club career. However, it could lead to increased exposure and international recognition, which may attract interest from bigger clubs in the future.

3. When is Anthony Gordon expected to make a decision regarding his international allegiance?

There is no definitive timeline for Anthony Gordon’s decision. It ultimately depends on various factors, including discussions with both the English and Scottish Football Associations, as well as Gordon’s personal considerations and aspirations.


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