Zayn Malik Collaborating In and Composing New Music for Animated Feature ’10 Lives’


Zayn Malik Zayn Malik Collaborating In and Composing New Music for Animated Feature


Zayn Malik Collaborating In and Composing New Music for Animated Feature ’10 Lives’

Introduction: Zayn Malik’s collaboration for ’10 Lives’

Zayn Malik, former member of the popular boy band One Direction, is venturing into the world of animated films. The talented singer-songwriter has announced his collaboration in the upcoming animated feature ’10 Lives’. Known for his soulful voice and remarkable songwriting skills, Zayn’s involvement in the project has sparked excitement among fans and industry insiders alike.


Zayn Malik’s musical journey

Zayn Malik rose to fame as a member of the British-Irish boy band One Direction. After leaving the group in 2015, he embarked on a successful solo career, releasing hit songs such as “Pillowtalk” and “Dusk Till Dawn”. His distinct style and powerful vocals have garnered him a dedicated fan base and critical acclaim. Zayn’s transition from boy band member to solo artist showcased his versatility and creative growth.


The concept and storyline of ’10 Lives’

’10 Lives’ is an animated feature that tells the heartwarming story of a group of stray cats who embark on a thrilling adventure. The film explores themes of friendship, bravery, and loyalty, resonating with audiences of all ages. The unique concept and engaging storyline make it an exciting project for both Zayn Malik and the audience.


Zayn Malik’s involvement in composing and producing the soundtrack

Zayn Malik’s involvement in ’10 Lives’ goes beyond lending his voice as a character. He is actively collaborating in composing and producing the film’s soundtrack. Zayn’s musical expertise and ability to create captivating melodies will bring an added dimension to the animated feature. His contribution to the soundtrack is expected to enhance the overall storytelling experience and create a memorable musical journey for the viewers.


Zayn Malik’s creative process for ’10 Lives’ music

Zayn Malik has always been known for his distinctive sound and creative approach to music. For ’10 Lives’, he is drawing inspiration from the characters and the emotional depth of the storyline. His creative process involves understanding the themes and emotions portrayed in the film and translating them into the music he composes. Zayn’s goal is to create a soundtrack that perfectly complements the visuals and elevates the overall cinematic experience.


The impact of Zayn Malik’s collaboration on the animated feature

Zayn Malik’s collaboration with ’10 Lives’ brings an added level of credibility and excitement to the project. His immense popularity and dedicated fan base will attract attention to the film and generate curiosity among the audience. This collaboration is a testament to the growing recognition of the importance of music in animated films and the influence of renowned artists like Zayn Malik.


Anticipation and excitement among fans

Fans of Zayn Malik have been eagerly waiting for new music since his last album release. The news of his collaboration on ’10 Lives’ has ignited a wave of enthusiasm and anticipation among his fans. They are excited to witness Zayn’s creative genius in a completely new form and experience his musical prowess in an animated setting. The collaboration has created a buzz on social media platforms, with fans expressing their anticipation for the release.


Other notable collaborations in the animation industry

Zayn Malik’s collaboration for ’10 Lives’ is part of a growing trend in the animation industry, where renowned musicians are actively participating in the creation of soundtracks for animated films. This trend not only adds star power and recognition to the projects but also showcases the importance of music in storytelling. Previous collaborations between musicians and animators have resulted in chart-topping hits and critically acclaimed soundtracks, further blurring the lines between music and animation.


Zayn Malik’s contribution to the animated film industry

Zayn Malik’s involvement in ’10 Lives’ marks his entry into the animated film industry. His immense talent and influence in the music industry will undoubtedly have a positive impact on the world of animated films. By collaborating and composing music for ’10 Lives’, Zayn is bridging the gap between music and animation, creating a unique blend of art forms that will capture the hearts of the audience.



Zayn Malik’s collaboration and composition for the animated feature ’10 Lives’ highlights the importance of music in storytelling. This project not only expands Zayn’s artistic repertoire but also adds excitement and anticipation to the animation industry. With his creative process and unique style, Zayn’s involvement in ’10 Lives’ is expected to elevate the overall cinematic experience and create a memorable soundtrack. Fans and audiences can look forward to witnessing the seamless integration of music and animation in this upcoming animated feature.



1. Will Zayn Malik voice a character in ’10 Lives’?

No, Zayn Malik is not only lending his voice as a character in ’10 Lives’ but also collaborating in composing and producing the film’s soundtrack. His involvement goes beyond voice acting.

2. When is the release date for ’10 Lives’?

The release date for ’10 Lives’ has yet to be announced. Stay tuned for updates from the production team.

3. Can we expect more collaborations from Zayn Malik in the future?

Given Zayn Malik’s passion for music and exploration of various artistic avenues, it is highly likely that we will see more collaborations from him in the future. Fans can look forward to exciting projects beyond ’10 Lives’.


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